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The Holding Position in Machine Knitting

Partial knitting, short rowing and holding (hold) position are all various machine knitting terms for the same action - that of knitting only part of a row.

Hand knitters can do this easily by putting the stitches they don't want to knit on to a spare needle or stitch holder.

In machine knitting, one ideal use for partial knitting is the shaping of set-in sleeve heads. After partial knitting, the stitches around the sleeve head are taken off, all together, with waste yarn. The open stitches can then be rehung on the needles to join body and sleeves, making the sewing up a lot neater and easier.

Needles are always taken to Hold position on the opposite side of the needlebed to the carriage, to avoid creating a long yarn loop. If the carriage is on the right, the needles in Hold should be brought out on the left and vice versa.

By bringing the needles out to Hold at the opposite side to the carriage, the carriage (if set to Hold) will knit the needles in working position normally but pass across the needles in Hold position. The yarn lies across the Hold needles until the carriage is taken back the other way.

To avoid little holes appearing at the junction of the Hold and normal knitting, the yarn should be hooked underneath the first inside needle in Hold position, before taking the carriage back.

Wrapping the yarn around the needle in this way can be achieved 'automatically'.

Bring out one fewer needle to Hold position than is required and pass the carriage from left to right. Before passing the carriage back again, bring out one further needle to Hold. This is known as an automatic wrap.

Partial knitting needs to be weighted, as the unequal knitted rows may cause the stitches to jump off the needles or even not to knit at all.

Handy Holding Hint
When using the Holding position, the brushes on the underside of the carriage will constantly brush across the knitting under the 'held' needles.

This can fluff up the knitting or even leave a dark mark across it.

To protect your knitting, hang a length of waste knitting or an old tension swatch over the gate pegs in front of it.

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