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Beading on your knitting machine

    Beading is an easy and effective way of decorating your knitting.

    Improve a plain stocking stitch sweater or cardigan with a beaded flower or a beaded edging. An all-over sprinkling of beads can lift a garment from 'ordinary' to 'designer'.

    You can even decorate fairisle patterned garments with beads to add extra colour but without the additional floats.

    Lace garments can be beaded by inserting the beads into the more solid parts of the fabric.

    Home furnishings can also be decorated with beads. Bedroom curtains, blinds or lampshades, for example, create an impact with beaded fringes. Beaded fringes not only look decorative but the beads, because of the weight, help a curtain or blind to hang properly. Take care with beaded cushions - they can be uncomfortable to sit on!

    Beads are made in all different shapes and sizes, from very tiny glass beads to great big chunky wooden ones. The secret is to select the beads most suitable for the fabric you're knitting. Big wooden beads look great knitted into a natural wool Aran sweater but not so hot when knitted into a fine lace shawl!

    If you decide to use beads, make sure the after care of the garment is not too difficult for it's owner. Beaded garments can be very tricky to press and may need to be washed by hand with care or dry cleaned.

    With a knitting machine, it's easy to attach the beads as the knitting progresses, rather than sew them on afterwards.

    If you have a punchcard or electronic machine, you may be able to use the automatic patterning to select the 'beading' needles for you.

    As a final note, for safety reasons, it's best not to decorate knitted items with beads if they're intended for a baby or very young child.

How to bead on a knitting machine

Step 1

Bead on crochet hook

Thread the bead on to a crochet hook. The size of the crochet hook is governed by the hole size in the bead and whether the 'hook' will hold the thickness of yarn you're using.
Step 2

Insert crochet hook into stitch

Insert crochet hook into stitch
Step 3

Transfer stitch to crochet hook

Lift stitch off needle
Step 4

Pull stitch through bead

Pull the stitch through the bead
Step 5

Transfer to single-prong transfer tool

Transfer the stitch to a single-prong transfer tool
Step 6

Return stitch to needle

Return stitch to needle

Return the stitch to the appropriate needle
Step 7

Continue to knit

Continue to knit

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