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Knitting machine

For machine knitters

Machine Knitting

Some common abbreviations used in
     machine knitting patterns

(in alphabetical order)

alt alternate(ly)
beg beginning
c off cast off
c on cast on
cm centimetres
COL carriage on left
cont continue(ing)
COR carriage on right
cy contrast yarn
dec decrease(ing)
foll following
g grams
HP holding position
in inch(es)
inc increase(ing)
K knit
LH(S) left hand (side)
mm millimetres
MT main tension
MY main yarn
N(s) needle(s)
ndl(s) needle(s)
NWP non-working position
patt pattern
RC row counter
RC000 reset row counter to zero
rem remaining
rep repeat
RH(S) right-hand (side)
ss stitch size
st(s) stitch(es)
st st stocking stitch
T tension
tog together
UWP upper working position
WP working position
WY waste yarn

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