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How to cast on using the knit-stitch method

This method gives a very loose edge so it can be used for lace or other stretchy patterns.

If you need to, tighten up this cast on by knitting the first row into the back of the stitches.

Step 1
Making the first knit stitch

Make a slip knot stitch on the left-hand needle, leaving a short 'tail' approximately 15cms (6ins) long. Insert the right-hand needle through this stitch in the direction shown.

Step 2
Wrap yarn around needle

Wrap yarn around the back of the right-hand needle then between the needles.

Step 3
Bring the yarn through

With some slight tension on the yarn, slide back the right-hand needle until it can pass under the left-hand needle, bringing a loop of yarn with it.

Step 4
Take stitch on to RH needle

Draw the needles apart.

Step 5
Transfer stitch

Transfer the stitch on the right-hand needle to the left-hand needle.

Step 6
Two stitches on needle

There are now two stitches on the left-hand needle.

Step 7
Transfer stitch

Insert the right-hand needle through the new stitch in the direction shown.

Step 8
Completing the cast on

Repeat Steps 2 to 7 until you have cast on enough stitches.

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