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Estimating Yarn Quantities (2)

This method of calculating yarn quantities is based on measurement.

Here's how to do it:

  1. Take a set weight of yarn, a 25 gm ball for example, and cast on 40 or 50 stitches.

  2. Knit, in your chosen stitch structure, until the ball runs out.

  3. Measure the knitting.

    Multiply the width by the length to give the number of square centimetres produced from the 25 gm ball.

  4. Calculate how many square centimetres of knitting is contained in the whole garment by taking the longest and widest measurement from each garment piece.

  5. Add together the results from all the garment pieces and divide by the number of square centimetres knitted from the 25 gm ball.

  6. The answer will give you the number of 25 gm balls required to knit the garment.

Garment Example
(Centimetre measurements)

Yarn quantity for body

Yarn quantity for sleeve

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