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Download some free patterns for swiss darning (pdf format)
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Swiss Darning (Duplicate stitch)

How to swiss darn
Horizontal swiss darning

Swiss darning is an embroidery technique used especially for knitted fabrics. It can travel both vertically and horizontally.

Swiss darning is sometimes called 'Duplicate Stitch', because the way the embroidery is applied to the knitting 'duplicates' the stitch structure.

Use a tapestry needle threaded with a contrast yarn of the same weight as the main knitting. The idea is that the contrast yarn should cover the underlying stitches, so a lighter weight yarn won't achieve the effect. A heavier yarn will make your embroidery bulky.

Swiss darning is also a really good method for correcting mistakes on patterned knitting.

Just follow the diagram above for perfect results every time but beware - swiss darning can become very addictive!

Cross stitch charts can sometimes be used as guides for swiss darning but 'pictures' may look 'squashed' when finished because knitting stitches aren't square!

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